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I'm in the process of updating this page. I'm not one of those people that love wepage editing - to me it's worse than going to the dentist -  but I'm working on it!

The Pink Noise Sax Qrt.
W/Peck Almond, Briggan Krauss, Michael Blake and Andy Laster on saxes plus Dom Richards on bass and Aaron Alexander, drums.
Recorded live at the Knitting Factory. CD 'The Jig Is Up' 

1. Box Bump: Listen

2. Twelve Listen 

3. Pass the Cous Cous Listen  

Harmony Hall
My studio projects: selected tracks.

1. Conga Go Round 

2. Indira Listen 

3. Brother Drummer Listen  

4. Synchros Listen  

The Muggles
This project was for the author of the Harry Potter book series J.K Rowling, and Scholastic Books; in celebration of her first visit to the US. Produced in conjucntion w/Sydeny producer and guitarist Tim Rollinson.

1. Diagon AlleListen  

2. Hagrid  Listen

Tim Otto & Free Ride

1. Big Music for The People    mp3

Toured and recorded with this band through the  mid 90's. More available on iTunes. Google them for more current info.

1. El Borracho  Listen  

2. So Long Superman  Listen

The Rent
One of my jazz/rock projects from the early 90's. W/ Cameron Grieder on guitar, Dom Richards on bass, and E.J Rodrieguez on drums.

1. Suckpop  Listen

2. Mr. Bad and Mrs. Good  Listen

Piano works.
As played by the incomparable Barney McAll.

1. Blue April  Listen
2. May  Listen
3. June  Listen
4. July  Listen

The Original Otto Orchestra
A band from Sydney, late 1980's. Featuring the compositions of Peter Boyd, Tony Gorman and myself.  LP and cassette available by mailorder. 2 compositions by Peter Boyd:

1. Borborygmy Listen  

2. The Opening Finale  Listen

The O.O.O

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