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  Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet   Tim Otto   Tim Otto bari sax

Here's some of the bands and projects I've performed, toured, recorded and worked with..
To hear some tracks, go to the Music page of this website.

Harmony Hall - City State cover
Harmony Hall - City State (2012)
An all star eight piece band of some of my favorite players - 8 of my recent compositions - primarily written for school bands.
Go to the 'Charts' page for recordings and scores.
Little Annie & Paul Walfisch  - cover
Little Annie & Paul Walfisch - Genderful (2011)
Book of the Storm - Rob Reddy Ensemble Rob Reddy’s Small Town  The Book of the Storm (2007) Reddy Music RED-002
"Dense and uncompromising, yet accessible and infinitely rewarding, The Book of the Storm is Reddy's most fully realized work yet, a high water mark in an ever expanding discography." —Troy Collins, AllAboutJazz.com
Recorded live at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NY in March 2007. I'm playing Soprano and Tenor sax;
An all star band with some great moments.
Go to: http://robreddy.com/music-store/the-book-of-the-storm/
Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet

The Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet, The Jig Is Up. 1999 Pink Tomato Music 
My band from 1996-2002. Read a review of  The Jig is Up. ..and at the bottom of this page.
‘Ryhmically driven, mood shifting music with blues and bop roots, keeping an anarchic energy barely in check. They wove themes of jazz, blues and ethnic folk melodies into a huge sphere of sound that was always tuneful’ Cadence Magazine.
To buy a CD send $10.00 (USD) plus $2 shipping to anywhere.

Dummy -DVD cover I can be seen and heard in the movie Dummy’ starring supermodel Mila Jovovitch, and Academy Award winner Adrian Brody who plays a depressed suburban ventriloquist. I play drums in the house punk band and I'm playing clarinet on the soundtrack.
I can also be heard on the soundtrack of Clay Pigeons...
Clay Pigeons cover.  
Firewater - The Ponzi Scheme With Firewater:
'Psychopharmacology' -  2001 - Jetset Records
The Ponzi Scheme’ - 1998 - Universal Records.
'Some Strange Reaction'  - Jetset Records - 1997.
You can listen to a couple of tracks on the 'Music' page.
The Muggles The Muggles Play the Music of Harry Potter.
A project of music written for the author of the Harry Potter book series J.K Rowling on her 1st visit to the US.
The tracks were created with the fine Sydney guitarist and producer, Tim Rollinson - (See also 'The Modern Congress' below.)
To listen to some tracks, go to the 'Music' page.
The Modern Congress The Modern Congress
..a great album by Sydney guitarist and producer, Tim Rollinson. I'm on a couple of tracks..
Last of the International Playoys The Last of the International Playboys
A fine lounge album featuring some of my arranging and compositions.
Vegas Jazz & Latin Lounge (Transcontinental Records) 
Led by my dear friend Walter Kuehr, who runs the Main Squeeze accordion store on the lower east side, and is leader of the famed all girl accordion orchestra - http://www.mainsqueezeorchestra.com/gallery.html - who I've performed with numerous times, plus done some arranging and compositions.
Myth Science Myth Science (Knitting Factory Works) Review;  Love in Outer Space (Knitting Factory Works) Downtown Jazz & Other Sounds (Knitting Factory compilation 1997) Myth Science - Time Out (compilation) (Knitting Factory 1996)
LOVE IN OUTER SPACE is a collection of Sun Ra compositions. Myth-Science: Briggan Kraus (alto saxophone); Tim Otto (tenor saxophone); Anthony Coleman (organ); Reuben Radding (acoustic bass); Ed Ware (drums). Recorded live at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar, New York, New York on October 7 & 8, 1995. Includes liner notes by Reuben Radding.
JazzTimes (10/96, p.102) - "...[a] jumpin', happy set....They do capture some of the raw, emotive, unbridled spirit of Ra's mid-sized groups circa 1956-60 in Chicago....Myth Science gets beyond cool bar fare: it's lounge wizardry for thinkers.
Virgil Moorefield Ensemble Virgil Moorefield Ensemble:
‘The Temperature in Hell is Over 3000 Degrees’.
(Tdzadik Records);
Unsettled Scores (Cuneiform Records). Various artists.

The Original Otto Orchestra

The Original Otto Orchestra
One from the archives..Circa Sydney, 1986
"Don't bother with the covers bands. Only The Original Otto Orchestra has the right stuff. Fortunately for true music lovers, music from their vintage years as well as from their astonishing comeback ('Where the hell have these characters been? I mean what planet have they been on?' - Variety Gazette) is available on modern discs for the connoisseur. While the Ottos compositions and arrangements for massed saxophones (four of them in all) do not shun the spectacular, the loopy and the surreal, there is a serious intent here to explore the timbres and the blended tones of what Debussy, when asked to compose for saxophone, called, 'this strange aquatic instrument'. Each of the four members in fact plays at least two of the saxophone family. The frequency range is impressive - from bass sax, up through baritone and tenor to soprano. Whether buzzing like bagpipes, hooting coolly or roaring like fundamentalist preachers, the Ottos unfailingly intrigue the ear with their textures, harmonies and tones."
By John Clare from 
http://www.rufusrecords.com.au/artists.html   Available special order; LP only. - (pre CD's - yeah, it's that old.)

The Money or the Gun Soundtrack This CD 'Stairways to Heaven' is from an Australian TV variety show that featured a band every week doing their own version of Stairway to Heaven. I'm on it with the band 'Pardon Me Boys' - fronted by ex Jimmy and the Boys frontman, Ignatius Jones -
Here's a  really old clip, circa 1988, of us doing their hit version of: Stairway to Heaven.

See the CD on Amazon.
More Discography: Norman Salant - Various releases 2010-2013http://normansalant.bandcamp.com/album/grace-single
Chris Cunningham
Stories to Play (2000)
Joe Gallant & Illuminati Big Band 'Code of The West' Scratchy Records 1994 -
Joe had a pretty big and wild band back in the 90's - Did some fun gigs with them at the old Tribeca Knitting Factory.
A little embarassing but a period piece nontheless - from the mid 1980's - the Sydney Band Lunar Circus -
one of our 'hits' E=MC2 The band actually came second in the Australian TV show Starsearch in about 1987. We lost by 1 point.

Also as a sideman:
Pinetop Perkins; The blues piano legend (as seen on a Chicago street corner in The Blues Brothers movie,) and Grammy Lifetime achievement award recipient.2005.
The Big Apple Circus

The Main Squeeze Orchestra
; A band of 16 women accordionists led by a dear friend of mine Walter Kuehr,  I recently arranged one of my pieces for them, and am one of the few men other than Walter to have had the absolute pleasure to have played in the band.
Ballin the Jack - led by Matt Darriau
Ska legend Roscoe Gordon.
The Stingers
George Kilby Junior and the Coolerators
The Brooklyn Saxophone Quartet
Radio cult figure Joe Frank
Eve Beglarian
The Flux Quartet
Joe Gallant and the Illuminati Big Band

Steven Bernsteins’ Diaspora Soul
Michelle Kinney and Chris Cunningham's’ Ésctatomatique
Cecil Taylor- rehearsal band 1994
The Australian Environmental Orchestra. (New Guinea Tour 1990.)
The New York Theater Workshop
Pardon Me Boys
David Linton and Electric Outhaus


Selected performances and venues:
Bang on a Can, Avery Fischer Hall
Knitting Factory and related festivals, 1996,97 and 98;
Soha Arts Festival
Merkin Hall
North Sea Jazz Festival
NY Microtonal Festival
PS 122
Dixon Place
La Mama Galleria
CBGB's, and Gallery 313
Barbican Center, London
Singapore Arts Festival
Hamumis Festival, Papua New Guinea
Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Arts festivals. (Australia)
American Festival of Microtonal Music
New York Theater Workshop
Extensive US, Australian and world touring and club performances.

Film, Video and Theater:
Scores for..
Russia For Sale
PBS Documentary. Dir. Natasha Lance. Parallax Productions NY, 1993.
Lester Shot From a Canon  Dir. Adam Yaffe. Fingerprint Films NY 1993
Every Good Boy
Dir. Adam Yaffe. Fingerprint Films NY 1995
Dance scores for Lucy Guerin at DIA Center for the Arts and Judson Church
Susan Graham: Score for video installation. Southhampton College 2004; Plus she did the artwork for my cd's - The Jig Is Up, and City State.


Compositions have been presented by:
The Jazz Composers Collective
Texaco NY, and Heineken NY Jazz Festivals
Edge Fest, Ann Arbor MI
The Absolute Ensemble
Meridian Arts Ensemble
Roulette, NY
Dixon Place
Kostabi World
Danspace @ St Marks Church

Here's a review for the Pink Noise Sax Quartet from Artist Direct:

New York City's Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet is led by Australian tenor and soprano saxophonist Tim Otto , who has also performed with Myth Science , Joe Gallant , and the Virgil Moorefield Ensemble. Otto formed the quartet in 1994, applying the "Pink Noise" name to the group in a reference to both the lush harmonies of combined saxophones and the abrasiveness of low frequency static. Far from abrasive, however, the PNSQ juxtaposes street marches, funk, freewheeling jazz, blues, and Middle Eastern music, performing pieces with both solo and collective improvising as well as adventurous ensemble writing. The original quartet included Peck Allmond -- an alto and tenor saxophonist from the San Francisco Bay area who has also played with Don Cherry , Peter Apfelbaum and the Julius Hemphill Sextet -- Norman Salant, and Blaise Siwula in addition to Otto . During the late '90s, the quartet went through a number of personnel changes, always retaining Otto in the driver's seat while evolving into a unit characterized by rigorous compositions and arrangements in addition to free-blowing improvisation. Other members of the PNSQ have also included Andy Laster  of Hydra , Interpretations of Lessness, the Julius Hemphill Sextet, New and Used, Ballin' The Jack , and Erik Friedlander 's Topaz -- on baritone saxophone, Canadian Michael Blake -- of John Lurie 's Lounge Lizards , Groove Collective , and Kamikaze Ground Crew -- on tenor saxophone, and Briggan Krauss -- of Babkas , Wayne Horvitz's Pigpen, Good Kitty, Andrea Parkins' Cast Iron Fact, and his own recent trio with Horvitz and drummer Kenny Wollesen -- on alto saxophone. The Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet released its first CD, The Jig Is Up , on the independent Pink Tomato Music label in 1998. The CD features Otto , Allmond, Laster , and either Blake or Krauss augmented by the rhythm section of bassist Dom Richards and drummer Aaron Alexander in an energetic live session recorded on two dates in the summer of 1998 at the Knitting Factory's Tap Bar in NYC. The high spirits and humor of the recording are evident in the titles of the eight Tim Otto compositions, which include "Pass the Cous Cous," "Fish Eats Dog," and "Romance in Underpants." ~ Dave Lynch, All Music Guide Tim Otto playing tenor



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